Dr. Jörg Buschbaum
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Specialist Lawyer in Labor Law

Jacob Keyl
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Business Mediator, Specialist Lawyer in Labor Law

Kerstin Weckert
Rechtsanwältin, Fachanwältin für Arbeitsrecht, Licencié en droit, Mag. iur.

A question of attitude

When the situation calls for it, expert knowledge with regard to the intricacies of German labor law is required in order to avoid long-term proceedings, damage to your reputation and, consequently, unnecessary expenses. It is always preferable to avoid litigation through comprehensive consultancy, but naturally we will also represent you in court if required. Rely on our experts’ knowledge and experience before entering into an employment or collective agreement.

Our certified labor law specialists will advise you on all issues concerning individual and collective labor law as well as service agreement law.

Our core competences include:

  •     All employment-related issues, such as hiring and termination of employment
  •     Drafting and termination of employment agreements for managing directors and executive board members
  •     Industrial constitutional law and collective bargaining law
  •     Settlement of interests and social compensation plans
  •     European labor law
  •     Temporary employment
  •     Schemes for working hours and remuneration
  •     Consultancy on corporate transactions and restructuring (labor law support for M&As)
  •     Issues concerning social security law
  •     Commercial agency law
  •     Company pension schemes