Sebastian Billig
 Sven Pohl

Free Trade Agreements: Correct Calculation of Origin

Consideration of Rebates, Düsseldorf Fiscal Court, Judgment of January 11, 2023 - 4 K 1970/21 Z

 Leonie Kröhnke
 Daniel Laws

Medium-sized stock corporations – Advantages of hybrid annual general meetings

Most public companies decide to conduct a virtual annual general meeting (“AGM”) in order to save costs and immissions. Despite all enthusiasm…

Dr. Steffen Knepper

Baker Tilly and metergrid join forces to promote the expansion of landlord-to-tenant electricity supply

Baker Tilly and metergrid develop customized contract templates for landlord-to-tenant electricity supply.

Dr. Stefan Meßmer
 Christine Ostwald

Conciliation Committee reaches agreement on whistleblower protection – What is going to change now?

On May 9, 2023, the German Bundesrat and the Bundestag reached an agreement on the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) in the Conciliation…

 Stephan Zuber
 Robert Rostek, LL.M. (UNSW)

Baker Tilly advises Bionorica on acquisition of Lomapharm from Japanese Daicel Corporation

Baker Tilly provided end-to-end transaction advisory services to natural medicines manufacturer Bionorica on its acquisition of pharmaceutical…

 Philip Koch
Dr. Christian Engelhardt

ECJ rules on GDPR claims for damages

In a much-noticed judgment (C-300/21), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled on the claim for compensation for non-material damage (Art. 82…

 Nastassja Tramer

New Equal Pay EU Directive – pay gaps must be disclosed in future

Women in the EU still earn significantly less. On average, they earn 13 % less than men for the same work. According to EU figures, the gender pay gap…

 Oliver Köster, LL.M.

First complaints on the basis of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act – will this start a wave of denigration?

In order to draw attention to the ongoing abuse in Ikea’s and Amazon’s local textile companies, human rights organizations used, for the first time,…

 Sarah Lohmeier
Sarah LohmeierLaw

An overview of the German national digitalization strategy in the health sector

In order to implement the German digitalization strategy, a new regulatory framework is to be created in the health sector. These include in…

Dr. Stefan Meßmer
 Oliver Köster, LL.M.

ECJ’s Towercast decision: new ex post control of business combinations

Mergers and acquisitions can now also be subject to ex post antitrust control.