In the course of growing globalization and thus an increasing number of cross-border activities and transactions, our client support often requires tax specialists who are familiar not only with German tax laws. With our US tax advisors and CPAs, our US Tax Desk offers such expertise in Germany.


For that purpose, we do not only support our clients with US connections but also act as central communication hub, thereby acting as interface between our German clients and US consultants as well as US authorities.

Furthermore, our US Tax Desk has a court-appointed and certified English-German translator so we can offer not only US-related consulting but also translation services from a single source.


Our range of services includes:

  • Support of German companies with all US-related tax and legal issues, such as
    - formations and incorporations
    - Visa application
    - tax structuring
    - due diligence processes
  • Support of private clients in connection with all expatriation-related issues, such as
    - income and inheritance tax law
    - formal expatriation procedure
    - filing of US income tax returns
  • Support of US companies and US individuals in connection with their outbound structural planning in connection with
    - Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC)
    - Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC)
  • Translation of English and German legal documents to be presented before courts, appraisers as well as US and German tax authorities.
 Patrik  Heidrich

Patrik Heidrich
Certified Tax Advisor, German CPA