Contracts are based on ‘agreements’. However, the involved parties will only reach an agreement if the contract takes into account the parties’ will and economic goals on the one hand and all risks during the contract period on the other hand.


This is our aspiration when providing you with individual support in the drafting of contracts in key areas and sectors of commercial law: from the conception and negotiation to the finalization of complex contractual arrangements. Thanks to our longstanding experience, reliable partners in many countries and our membership in Baker Tilly International, we are also familiar with international contract drafting, which our clients require when concluding contracts with foreign business partners or with an international dimension. In doing so, we strive to represent and secure not only legal certainty but also, and in particular, our clients’ economic interests in the best possible way.

Our services in the field of Commercial and Contract Law

  • Acquisitions
  • Real estate related contract design
  • Commercial lease contracts
  • Delivery contracts in connection with supply and distribution structures
  • Contracts for services or work
  • Building and sales contracts for ships and aircrafts
  • Finance contracts and loan securities
  • License agreements
  • Competition law
  • IT law
  • Insurance law
 Bernhard  Rehbein

Bernhard Rehbein

 Stephan  Zuber

Stephan Zuber
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Specialist Lawyer for Commercial and Corporate Law

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