Excise duties affect various product groups, such as energy products, electricity, alcohol, tobacco, alcopops or coffee. Even though the excise tax laws are almost identical, there are deviations that can become cost traps, especially with the very formalistic requirements in excise tax law.


At the same time, excise tax regulations offer complex opportunities for cost optimization. We can assist you on all of the above excise tax types, including:

  • Assessment of business transactions
  • Support in applying for permits, e.g., excise warehouses, simplifications in tax declarations, also in combination with the regulations in the customs import of excise products
  • Questions concerning EMCS
  • Intra-Community movement of excise products
  • Compliance in excise law
  • Applying for relief and refunds for paid excise duties
 Marion  Fetzer

Marion Fetzer
Partner, Head of Indirect Tax
Certified Tax Advisor

 Sven  Pohl

Sven Pohl
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt)

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