Steering taxes on the wave of complexity

Tax laws are above all characterized by their tremendous complexity. Almost no other legal field is subject to such constant change as tax law. Globalization and digitalization also increase tax challenges. In the business world, tax-related issues play a major role for every decision – both for regional companies and organizations and for global groups, high-net-worth individuals or non-profit organizations (NPOs). With more than 150 tax advisors – many of whom have several qualifications – we will support you in facing such challenge.

Quality through Subject Matter Leadership

Tax laws’ complexity always requires a specialist’s support. Due to his profound experience, such specialist together with his team will always provide the perfect solution in a quick and reliable manner. In order to achieve this, we have structured our tax division in a manner where every relevant consulting sector has been equipped with a Subject Matter Leader. In this key position, our Subject Matter Leaders are not only responsible for their practice group’s content-related quality but will provide for fair fees due to their experience and special knowledge but also due to digitalization and streamlined processes. Our tax specialists’ focus is on getting a quick overview of all tax-relevant issues and on developing tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Such clear approach – which meets our clients’ quality demands and also results in an optimized cost-benefit-ratio – distinguishes us from our competitors.