Ralf Gröning
German CPA, Certified Tax Advisor
Partner, Spokesman of the Executive Management Board (EMB)

Wolfgang Richter
Certified Tax Advisor, Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt)
Partner and Managing Director

One contact person in Germany. Global expertise in 147 countries.

In the course of growing globalization and increasingly cross-border activities and transactions, consulting requires expert teams that are not only familiar with German and European laws, but also active worldwide and are familiar with the respective country-specific regulations and requirements.

For most companies, foreign markets are a central cornerstone of a sustainable and successful growth strategy. Our auditors, lawyers, tax consultants and management consultants advise you comprehensively in all areas of your current or planned activities abroad or even if you are or want to become a foreign company in Germany.

The special feature of our advice: Our clients are always looked after by a personal, central contact person in Germany, who, with his international colleagues in 147 countries, ensures that global challenges become optimal solutions.

In addition, with the Baker Tilly Europe Alliance, we have placed a special emphasis on Southeastern Europe and established additional German desks with German-speaking contacts in the most important economic centers in the world.

Audit and advisory at the interface between Germany and China

China has become a more and more important economic power over the past decades, and especially over the last few years. The Chinese market is also becoming increasingly important for German companies. On the one hand, the increase in economic, political and cultural relevance is prompting more and more companies to set up or expand their business in China. China, as a sales market as well as a production and / or development location, has meanwhile been of central importance for numerous German corporate groups. Last but not least, it is important to observe the special laws and regulations, because the market entry in China presents companies with major challenges. On the other hand, the investments of Chinese companies in Germany have risen rapidly, so that, conversely, there are also many questions for Chinese investors that have to be solved in order to create a successful market entry in Germany. This includes, for example, all (tax) legal issues relating to the acquisition of German companies, the fulfillment of statutory accounting and tax declaration obligations, compliance with auditing requirements and advice on accounting issues or procedural developments.

Our China Solutions team is composed of both Chinese and German specialists with many years of China expertise - Baker Tilly can help you to minimize risks and increase the chances of successful engagement in China or even the Chinese market entry Successfully implement investors in Germany. We know the requirements and opportunities that usually come with it from our many years of consulting and auditing activities and, thanks to our worldwide network, have direct contact with the right contact persons on site. This enables us to implement your projects individually, target group-oriented and successfully.

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Carsten Hüning
Partner, Global Leader Transfer Pricing

Cheng Zhang, M. Sc.
Coordinator „China Solutions“

German Desk in Paris

The economic relations between France and Germany have been of particular importance for decades: Germany is France's most important trading partner worldwide, France is the second largest customer of German products after the USA and the fourth largest trading partner after China, the Netherlands and the USA. The French market offers attractive sales and development opportunities, especially for German companies with their often high international competitiveness.

But despite the local proximity of the two states, there are a variety of different regulations and laws - both legal and tax aspects. Anyone doing business in France as a German entrepreneur should therefore be aware of individual regulations and elementary customs.

Our German Desk in Paris supports you and our local consultants by knowing the respective local requirements and thus ensures that our clients receive the best possible support on the French market. Through our many years of consulting and service, we know the special requirements and opportunities in France and develop together with you solutions that combine the best of both worlds. In this way, we advise and support you so that you can continue to successfully expand your business in Germany and France.

38 German desks in Central and Southeastern Europe

Baker Tilly Europe Alliance is a joint venture between Baker Tilly in Germany and the TPA Group, which operate across borders as part of the Alliance.

Accountants, lawyers, tax consultants and management consultants are represented at 38 locations in twelve countries in Central and Southeastern Europe with their own German Desk.

More information about the Baker Tilly Europe Alliance can be found here.

Doing business in the USA

The US Tax Desk provides a one-stop shop for our US tax accountants and US accountants when it comes to cross-border activities and transactions in the US. In doing so, we not only support our clients with a connection to the USA, but also act as a central communications platform, acting as an interface between German clients and US advisers and US authorities.

In addition, the US Tax Desk has a publicly appointed and sworn translator for the English language, so we can provide not only US-related consulting but also translation services from a single source.

Our consulting offer includes:

Support German companies in all questions of US law and US tax law, such as

  • Business start
  • Visa application
  • tax design
  • Due diligence

Support Private Clients in all emigration-related issues, such as

  • Income and inheritance tax law
  • formal expatriation procedure
  • Submission of US income tax returns

Assistance to US companies and natural US persons in their structural outbound planning

  • Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC)
  • Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC)

Translation of English and German legal documents for submission to courts, evaluators and US and German tax authorities.

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Patrik Heidrich
Certified Tax Advisor, German CPA