The dynamics of the markets, innovations and further developments, permanently changing legal conditions as well as global competition and cost pressure: companies must permanently question whether they are ideally positioned in order to meet the various challenges. Portfolio adjustments by means of corporate transactions, restructurings and reorganizations are gaining more and more importance.

Due to our detailed tax-related professional expertise and industry knowledge as well as our global network, Baker Tilly is regularly involved as tax advisor in various high-volume and often also cross-border projects. Our clients include groups of companies and family businesses as well as venture capital investors and private equity funds.

In this regard, tax optimization also requires thinking outside the box. Transactions, restructurings and reorganizations pose complex challenges for companies in tax, but also in legal and economic terms. Correspondingly, we provide interdisciplinary one-stop consulting services without any ethical barriers which is an essential factor for a successful project completion and provides an optimal benefit for our clients.


Our services in the field of Transaction Tax

  • Analysis of status quo and presentation of action alternatives
  • Tax structuring and reorganizations of companies and groups by taking into account tax mentality, use of tax assets and the minimization of tax risks
  • Performance of buyer and seller-side tax due diligence procedures
  • Tax structuring and optimization of acquisitions and sales of companies
  • Advice on all tax-related issues within the scope of contract negotiations
  • Optimization of real estate transfer tax position within the scope of transactions, restructurings and reorganizations
  • Preparation and review of tax model calculations
  • Tax optimization of the financing structure
  • Advice on tax-exempt return flow of invested funds and flow of funds
  • Advice on management participation programs within the scope of transactions, restructurings and reorganizations
 Uwe  Roth

Uwe Roth
Certified Tax Advisor

 Christian  Wegener

Christian Wegener
Certified Tax Advisor