With advancing globalization, tax-related challenges are increasing as well. For multinational companies, international expansion also always means tax optimization in the sense of an optimized group tax rate or at least avoidance of double taxation. Frequently, this represents a central factor for a company’s competitiveness. Therefore, in the business world, taxation plays an increasingly important role in every strategic corporate decision.


Together with our clients, we rise to this challenge – with more than 150 tax advisors in Germany and, in addition, with tax experts in 145 countries around the world in which Baker Tilly is represented. In doing so, we see ourselves in particular as a partner to globally operating medium-sized companies and always advise on all questions of international taxation at a very early stage of legal development:

  • We structure German investments abroad and foreign investments in Germany and provide tax-law expert opinions in the run-up to or accompanying international corporate activities.
  • We take the lead in advising on the tax-related part of international companies and groups’ restructurings as well as cross-border acquisitions and sales of companies.
  • We conduct international mutual agreement and arbitration proceedings for our clients.
  • If a legal dispute cannot be avoided, we also conduct international litigation for our clients.

In order to avoid or at least mitigate the risk of double taxation in international business activities, we coordinate important issues with international tax authorities, for example, within the scope of Advance Pricing Agreements. In doing so, we draw on our special know-how in the area of international information exchange between tax authorities, which we have acquired in numerous successfully supported projects.

 Matthias  Chuchra, LL.M. (com.)

Matthias Chuchra, LL.M. (com.)
German CPA, Certified Tax Advisor

 Friedrich  Wamsler

Friedrich Wamsler
Certified Tax Advisor