Dr. Jörg  Buschbaum, LL.M.

Dr. Jörg Buschbaum, LL.M.

Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Specialist Lawyer in Labor Law
Baker Tilly
Brüsseler Straße 1-3
60327 Frankfurt a.M.


  • Multinational companies
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Public sector enterprises at municipal and state level

Professional experience

  • Equity partner in the law firm Schiedermair, Frankfurt, in the area of employment law, data protection law, compliance
  • Attorney-at-Law at the law firm Fried Frank, Frankfurt, in the area of labor law, data protection law, compliance
  • Attorney-at-Law and partner at the law firm Gleiss Lutz in the area of employment law, Frankfurt

Professional education

  • Specialist Lawyer in Labor Law
  • Doctorate in labor law with the topic "The residual mandate of the works council according to § 21b BetrVG" under Prof. Dr. Walker, Gießen
  • LL.M. at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • Law studies at the University of Gießen

Selected publications

  • Vehicle number plate recognition in multi-storey car parks, ZD 2015, 354 (together with Philip Rosak)
  • The employer's access to the employee's email account, DB 2014, 2530 (together with Philip Rosak)
  • Selected problems of "parental part-time work" within the meaning of § 15 VI BEEG, NZA-RR 2014, 337 (together with Philip Rosak)
  • Interim Management from the Perspective of Contractual Practice under Labour Law, NJW 2012, 1482 (together with Patrick Klösel)
  • The exclusion of service providers from the social selection, BB 2011, 309
  • "Four-sided contract" to ward off the risk of contradiction in the event of insolvency of the acquirer of the business, ZIP 2011, 64 (together with Dr. Burkard Göpfert)
  • Employee share ownership as a model for the crisis, ZIP 2010, 2330 (together with Dr. Burkard Göpfert)
  • "Darlegungslast für die Betriebsbedingtheit einer Kündigung wegen Auftragsrückgang", BB 2010, 1789 (together with Prof. Dr. Manfred Löwisch)