Stephanie Breitenbach
Stephanie BreitenbachBTadvice 2019-Q3

The Federal Supreme Court has stopped discriminating dismissals of CEOs (managing directors)

CEOs represent the employer and are therefore not classified as employee and thus are not protected against discriminating dismissal – OR? Time and…

BTadvice 2019-Q3

Revised version: Globalization and digitalization have reached GoBD

By letter of July 11, 2019, the German Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium für Finanzen, “BMF”) published the revised version of the German…

Dr. Christian Engelhardt

Watch Out when Co-Working!

Inventions, Works and Trade Secrets in Co-Working Spaces

 Christine Ostwald
Christine OstwaldLabor Law

Latest News on the notification of collective redundancies - instant announcement of terminates possible

If an employer plans to lay-off more than a specified number of employees within 30 calendar days he is obliged to file an official notification with…

 Nina Senninger
Nina SenningerLabor Law

Employees with access to confidential information: What does the new German Trade Secrets Act (“GeschGehG”) mean for employers?

Employers are well advised to particularly protect their corporate know-how. The coming into effect of the new German Trade Secrets Act (“GeschGehG”)…

 Andreas Griesbach
Andreas GriesbachGrunderwerbsteuer

Update for the tax draft bill on RETT-Blocker avoidance

Article 19 (amendment of German Real Estate Transfer Tax Law) of the Federal Ministry of Finance’s current draft bill to provide further tax…

 Gabriele Heise
Gabriele HeiseLabor Law

Never-ending leave entitlement?

“Consulting the law facilitates the finding of justice.” What sounds like a matter of course has no longer been applicable to vacation laws for some…

 Ralf Pelz
Ralf PelzLabor Law

No revocation right for cancellation agreements

Following the ruling (6 AZR 75/18) dated 7 February 2019 issued by the German Federal Labour Court employees cannot revoke a cancellation agreement…

Press releases 2019

Baker Tilly hires recognized transaction attorney

New Corporate / M&A Partner Peter Holst strengthens the legal team in Frankfurt.

 Stephanie Breitenbach
Stephanie BreitenbachLabor Law

Only those who work are entitled to holiday!

Once again holiday entitlement was the subject of two current decisions of the German Federal Labour Court (BAG). On March 19, 2019 the German Federal…