The Corona pandemic has changed Germany and the global economy forever. The immediate consequences of the crisis have hit certain industries and companies hard – others have been less affected. The long-term, lasting consequences of the pandemic are often not yet fully predictable: We need to prepare for a future in a "new normality".

Many questions and uncertainties continue to dominate day-to-day business, while far-reaching decisions still have to be made in order to flexibly adapt to the changed conditions and to make the company as crisis-proof and resilient as possible.

Our accountants, tax consultants, lawyers and management consultants develop the right answers to your questions and challenges from 4 perspectives in an interdisciplinary way in order to ensure continuity and to react to sustainable change with the right solutions and the right measures. 

Together, we set the course for your successful future!

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Please feel free to contact our colleagues directly:

  • Support with applications
  • Preparation of liquidity planning
  • Bridge loan until disbursement (negotiations with house bank)
  • Suspension of obligation to file for insolvency
 Heinrich  Thiele

Heinrich Thiele
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Certified Tax Advisor

 Heiner  Stemmer

Heiner Stemmer
German CPA, Certified Tax Advisor

  • ort-time work and the calculation of short-time compensation as well as time off and operational restrictions.
  • Remuneration issues / continued remuneration
  • Flexible working conditions (home office etc.)
  • Data protection / data security
 Jacob  Keyl

Jacob Keyl
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Business Mediator, Specialist Lawyer in Labor Law

 Christian  Eisele

Christian Eisele
Certified Tax Advisor

  • Adjust strategy, update budget / business plans
  • Maintain competitiveness: Optimize liquidity / working capital, rethink control of supply chain and distribution channels
  • Technical emergency management
  • Identifying the opportunities of the crisis, driving digitalization
 Jannik  Bayat

Jannik Bayat
Partner, International Business Leader Consulting

  • AG, KGaA, VVaG & SE – Facilitated conduct of (electronic/virtual) annual general meetings
  • GmbH – circular resolution instead of shareholders’ on-site meetings
  • Merger, demerger, spin-off, and the like – more time for reorganization measures in 2020
  • Cooperatives, associations and foundations – Avoidance of an absence of management and conduct of (electronic/virtual) members’ resolutions / general meetings
 Bernhard  Rehbein

Bernhard Rehbein

 Andreas  Metzner, LL.M.

Andreas Metzner, LL.M.
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Specialist Lawyer for Commercial and Corporate Law

  • Legal and contractual regulations in the event of non-performance or delivery failures
  • Adjustments of external and intra-group supply and service relationships (transfer prices)
  • Relocation of functions through adapted value-added processes
  • Effects on financing relationships within the company group
Dr. Christian  Engelhardt, LL.M.

Dr. Christian Engelhardt, LL.M.
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt)

 Carsten  Hüning

Carsten Hüning
Partner, Global Leader Transfer Pricing

 Bernhard  Rehbein

Bernhard Rehbein

Dr. Christian  Teuber

Dr. Christian Teuber
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Specialist Lawyer for Public Procurement Law

  • Reduction / non-determination of income, corporation and trade tax advance payments from 2020
  • Abstaining from / reduction of the fixing of interest on additional claims
  • Deferment and payment in instalments and stay of execution
 Ines  Paucksch

Ines Paucksch
German CPA, Certified Tax Advisor

Dr. Ingo  Bäcker

Dr. Ingo Bäcker
CIA, CRMA, Quality Assessor (DIIR)

Baker Tilly News and Updates around the Corona Crisis


Fourth Corona Tax Relief Act: Bundestag abolishes discounting requirement for liabilities

On June 10, the Bundesrat approved the Fourth Corona Tax Relief Act, which the Bundestag had passed on May 19. The law abolishes the discounting of…