Meet the World: A virtual journey through the global Baker Tilly world

Germany is just one of 148 countries around the world where Baker Tilly is represented. With the support of young Baker Tilly colleagues from our various German offices who are fluent in a second language, we have therefore set out to discover the Baker Tilly world and the diversity it offers for you and yours.

Especially in times of social distancing and travel restrictions, we want to set an example: for cultural diversity, for global exchange and for cooperation across national borders. In virtual meetings, representatives of our global Baker Tilly network from all over the world were available to answer questions from our young colleagues - in their national or native languages. Finally, of course, we provided a German or English translation of the discussions. 

After Greece, the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan, our fourth stop takes us to the USA. Soon after, we move on to countries like Turkey, Italy, Afghanistan, Cyprus and many more.

Baker Tilly in the US

  • Nils Philipp, Digital Marketing Manager, Baker Tilly Germany
  • Alan D. Whitman, CEO, Baker Tilly US | Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors, Baker Tilly International

Hi there! Part four of our virtual journey takes us to Chicago, USA. Our interview partner is none other than Alan Whitman, CEO of Baker Tilly US. Alan tells us about Baker Tilly's business in the United States, his relationship with Germany, and his vision for our global network, which he hopes to advance in his new position as Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors of Baker Tilly International.

Baker Tilly in Kazakhstan

  • Athene Valeriya Micheylis, Audit Working Student, Baker Tilly Germany
  • Ramina Nazyrova, Partnerin, Baker Tilly Kazakhstan

Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte)! In part three of our virtual journey, we stop off in Almaty, the hometown of our Munich colleague Athene Valeriya Micheylis. Athene meets Ramina Nazyrova, partner at Baker Tilly Kazakhstan. What is the consulting practice in Kazakhstan like? What services do colleagues in Kazakhstan offer their clients? What is the economic situation in the country, and what are the predominant sectors? And: which singer is guaranteed to be known by every Kazakh? We learn about this and much more in the conversation between the two.

Baker Tilly in the Middle East

  • Nils Philipp, Digital Marketing Manager, Baker Tilly Germany
  • Mago JB Singh, Founder, Principal & Group Managing Partner, Baker Tilly JFC Group, UAE

Marhabaan! The second stop along our virtual journey through the Baker Tilly network takes us to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Our Düsseldorf colleague Nils Philipp talks to Mago JB Singh, Founder, Principal and Group Managing Partner at Baker Tilly JFC Group (Baker Tilly Middle East) about the characteristics of the consulting business in the Middle East, how he and the company got their names and what it is like to build up and manage a company with offices in 20 countries.

Baker Tilly in Greece

  • Vassiliki Koudouxiadou, Audit Assistant, Baker Tilly Germany
  • Spyros Grouits, Director, Head of Financial Advisory Services, Baker Tilly Greece

Kalispéra! Our Stuttgart colleague Vassiliki Koudouxiadou talks to Spyros Grouits, Director and Head of Financial Consulting at Baker Tilly in Greece, about the current economic situation in his country, where and in which areas and industries Baker Tilly is active in Greece, about the cooperation in Southeastern Europe and the close exchange with our colleagues here in Germany.