Baker Tilly introduces Self-Assessment Tool in connection with the Property Tax Reform

  • 03/24/2022
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With a new online service, Baker Tilly provides all interested parties with a free tool by means of which they can obtain an individual initial assessment as to the information to be declared in their property tax return. During the period from July 1, 2022 and October 31, 2022, property owners must file such return electronically with the competent tax office.

Every land or property owner is obliged to provide the tax office this year with a declaration on the determination of the property tax value. This is based upon the Property Tax Reform Act which had been agreed upon between the federal and the state governments in November 2019. However, in connection with the different federal and state requirements, it is not always clear which specific information is required for the tax returns’ preparation.

The new Baker Tilly Assessment Tool in connection with the property tax reform provides a first assessment based on information about the type of property and the respective federal state. The summary will provide you with a list of required data to be disclosed in your tax return.

Please note that the initial assessment cannot replace individual tax advice. As the tax offices are going to send out their letters requesting property owners to declare their property tax value from May 2022 and the respective returns must be filed electronically with the competent tax office no later than October 31, 2022, it is advisable to obtain information on property tax and, if applicable, involve a tax advisor at an early stage. 

Click here for the focus page on property tax reform and the Baker Tilly Self Assessment Tool >>
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