Baker Tilly and metergrid join forces to promote the expansion of landlord-to-tenant electricity supply

  • 05/12/2023
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Baker Tilly and metergrid develop customized contract templates for landlord-to-tenant electricity supply.

Baker Tilly and metergrid announce their partnership to develop standardized legal and tax concepts for the real estate industry. The aim is to provide for an easier and more cost-effective implementation of landlord-to-tenant electricity supply concepts for real estate owners. For this purpose, metergrid will, in a first step, provide its customers with standard electricity contracts which have been developed by Baker Tilly.

In Germany, in addition to around 70,000 commercial landlords, 3.9 million private landlords are affected by the challenges of switching to climate-neutral real estate. The fulfillment of the associated obligations, which are also increasingly anchored in law and regulation, must also be feasible in a cost-effective and comprehensible manner for these small and medium-sized property owners. The combination of Baker Tilly’s extensive legal experience and metergrid’s practical expertise results in tailor-made solutions that enable the expansion of renewable energy concepts in multi-apartment buildings.

“With our joint commitment, we can integrate legal and tax solutions into our product portfolio that are easy for many property owners to understand and thus can be implemented with legal certainty,” said Julian Schulz, co-founder and co-managing director of metergrid. “Our goal is to make landlord-to-tenant electricity supply concepts even more scalable and cost-efficient while complying with applicable laws and regulations.” Baker Tilly’s support enables metergrid to offer its customers a customized solution and ensures that contracts are aligned with metergrid’s concepts. The standard contracts are available immediately to all metergrid customers.

“The cooperation with metergrid enables us to combine our expertise and offer private landlords, as well as small and medium-sized real estate companies, a unique service that will help drive the implementation of renewable energy concepts in the real estate industry,” said Dr. Steffen Knepper, Partner at Baker Tilly. “We look forward to working together in order to make a positive impact on the environment and promote sustainable decentralized energy concepts.”

This partnership is an important step towards a more sustainable future for the real estate industry and will enable more people to take control of their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

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