Inward Processing – It’s all about accurate data

  • 03/21/2023
  • Reading time 1 Minute

The UK Tribunal's decision TC08653 of November 30, 2022 has highlighted the risks associated with administering the special inward processing procedure.

When a company has a full inward processing regime (IPR) authorization, it must meet certain requirements set out in its authorization letter.  One of them concerns the submission of a Bill of Discharge (BoD), which must confirm the goods imported under the inward processing regime and the manner of their disposal (discharge).  

In its decision, the court confirmed that HMRC was correct to impose a duty liability on all imports on a Bill of Discharge (BoD) where inaccuracies were found. HMRC had levied an assessment of £2,409,009.91 in duties and £6,480,265.52 in VAT due to a breach of the requirement to submit accurate Bill of Discharges between March and December 2014.  

The full article from our Baker Tilly network firm MHA can be found here.

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