Managing Partner Legal Dr. Thomas Gemmeke elected to the Baker Tilly International Board

  • 11/14/2022
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Dr. Thomas Gemmeke, Managing Partner Legal at Baker Tilly, will be the first lawyer to serve on the Baker Tilly International Board. His election to the Baker Tilly network’s highest global management body reflects the growing importance of legal services in the network.

Besides Global Tax Solutions, Corporate Finance, Digital, Financial Service and Multi-National Clients, Legal is one of Baker Tilly International’s six joint strategic initiatives. “I am delighted to further develop our network on a global level and to jointly promote our strategic topics, especially the expansion of our joint legal services,” Gemmeke commented on his election to the board. “For our internationally operating clients, we must consider and support legal issues and challenges in an international context. We have to be where our clients are and support them across national borders with outstanding quality of advice, in partnership and with holistic solutions.”

For many years, Gemmeke has headed the Baker Tilly Legal Steering Committee, which sets the global Baker Tilly Legal Network’s strategy, drives the network’s expansion and coordinates the member firms’ cooperation. His election lays the foundations for continuing to play a key role in shaping our global network’s development and future as one of the largest member firms from Germany.

About the Baker Tilly International Board
The representatives of the global Baker Tilly network’s most important member firms are organized in the Baker Tilly International Board. The board sets the guidelines for cooperation within the international network. The BTI Board has a total of 24 seats.

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Dr. Thomas Gemmeke

Managing Partner Legal

Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt)

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