Blockchain Technology: The Rise of the Decentralised Economy
by Bettina Warburg


Blockchain is set to radically transform the way we design, make, deliver, and coordinate the use of goods and services globally. Bettina Warburg explains how blockchain technology is paving the way for the inevitable upheaval of global trade and the institutions and firms govern and manage it. Artificial intelligence, connected devices, and additive manufacturing will be taken to a whole new level when the implementation of Blockchain becomes commonplace.


About Bettina Warburg

Bettina Warburg, a graduate of Oxford University and Georgetown University, is a thought leader in the emerging blockchain technology. In 2016 Bettina spoke at TED Global about how this new infrastructure, which stores decentralised registry of transactions, will radically transform the economy. As co-founder of Animal Ventures, Bettina helps to promote the global commercialisation and integration of blockchain technology by research and development.



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