In times of constantly changing markets and growing internationalization, companies should regularly question whether their legal form still meets current requirements or whether a change from the form of a partnership to a corporation – or vice versa – might be advisable in economic terms. Such question should be based on a comprehensive analysis of the relevant circumstances and the company’s financial flows.


Our long-term experience with regard to the taxation of partnerships and corporations and our interdisciplinary consulting approach which regularly involves lawyers and certified public accountants enables us to give advice and recommendations, if necessary also by taking into account labor law, company law and inheritance law-related aspects.

Expertise: Consulting on structuring options

Recommendations on the choice of legal form are not our only range of services. An essential part of our expertise comprises consulting on structuring options, i.e. achieving a possibly low tax rate by exploiting the legal possibilities. For that purpose, we examine group-internal and external financing models as to their tax effects and determine potential need for optimization. We examine accounting-related issues and provide continuous support with our know-how on national and international accounting issues. Our international network enables us to quickly and easily solve cross-border matters together with our partners in the relevant countries.

Corporate management

Besides that, an effective corporate management inevitably requires an assessment of the relevant tax-related implications and to accurately plan current tax payments. With state-of-the-art IT support, tax projections can be presented in a fast and efficient manner.

We prepare your tax returns in due time and support you during tax audits. If required, we defend legal interpretations deviating from the tax authorities’ opinion also during court proceedings (consulting on tax defense or tax enforcement).

We always take into account every measure’s implications on the shareholders’ level.

 Christian  Hensell

Christian Hensell
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Certified Tax Advisor, Specialist lawyer for Tax Law

 Lars  Lesser

Lars Lesser
Certified Tax Advisor

 Richard  Markl

Richard Markl
Certified Tax Advisor