Tax legislation is becoming increasingly complex. The flood of administrative directives and rulings by the fiscal courts and the German Federal Fiscal Court is increasing all the time. Accordingly, the challenges of accurately reporting all facts and circumstances for tax purposes and determining the assessment basis in the tax return are growing as well.


We are the right partner for you, providing reliable support in meeting your filing requirements.

At all Baker Tilly locations in Germany, experts work to provide our clients with highly professional services in the preparation of tax returns and to correctly assess and report individual matters for tax purposes. If there is a need for optimization, we provide appropriate advice and work with you to develop solutions. We observe the latest case law and represent this in the context of the declaration. If case law should deviate from the administrative opinion, we present this deviation in the tax returns. 

Interdisciplinary collaboration in 148 countries worldwide

Thanks to our interdisciplinary cooperation with lawyers and auditors, we are able to answer all questions which may arise in the context of the tax return quickly and without complications. In the case of international issues, we rely on our international Baker Tilly colleagues. It goes without saying that we always provide all our services in due time and on schedule.

Individual examination of all facts

Not only current tax returns are our profession; in coordination with colleagues from other practice groups, we also prepare returns and tax filings for one-off matters such as inheritances and gifts, real estate valuations and capital gains tax filings.

We review the tax assessment notices issued on the basis of the tax returns and, if necessary, file the necessary appeals - without losing sight of the procedure’s efficiency.

Tax audit and fiscal court proceedings

Of course, our tax experts also accompany you through all important steps of the tax audit: from strategy development and planning to concrete implementation and efficient handling of the final meeting as well as the subsequent implementation of any findings by the tax office. No question: despite all reliability in tax declaration, there may be disagreements with the tax auditors which then have to be clarified in court. In such a case we defend our tax declaration also before the courts together with our lawyers specialized in tax litigation.

 Richard  Markl

Richard Markl
Certified Tax Advisor

 Lars  Lesser

Lars Lesser
Certified Tax Advisor