With our experience gathered from a large number of extrajudicial and judicial restructuring projects, our interdisciplinary teams of consultants advise national and international clients during all restructuring stages and in insolvency law.

Groups of companies, medium-sized enterprises, investors and other consulting firms from the insolvency environment appreciate our profound understanding of entrepreneurial processes and views, our interdisciplinary approach and our judicial expertise.

Developing sustainable solutions for our clients’ specific challenges always has top priority. This includes avoiding insolvency if it does not seem to be appropriate or reasonable, and taking into account the possibilities of compulsory administration proceedings under the German Corporate Stabilization and Restructuring Act (“StaRUG”), “protective shield” proceedings or debtor-in-possession management. Our experienced litigation lawyers also support you in all questions related to avoidance actions and liability law during a corporate crisis.

Restructuring and insolvency law provides entrepreneurs and companies with numerous options for action by means of which a corporate crisis can be avoided or overcome. Our support is always based upon an analytically derived restructuring approach, reflecting both financial and performance-related aspects as well as all legal options for action. Based upon such approach, our services comprise both structuring and planning and our joint implementation of your project. Our Competence Center Restructuring’s interdisciplinary teams work closely together with our accountants as well as tax advisors and management consultants. As insolvency administrators and trustees, we are represented at various insolvency courts in Germany.

Our services in the field of Insolvency Law and Restructuring

  • Insolvency-related consulting of creditors, suppliers, credit insurers and financial institutions as well as other third-party creditors
  • Planning and support of restructuring proceedings
  • Judicial restructuring proceedings (debtor-in-possession/StaRUG)
  • Restructuring agreements
  • Insolvency-related consulting of management, shareholders and creditors in the crisis and in insolvency
  • Defense against claims arising from managing director’s liability and Avoidance actions
  • Corporate transactions in the crisis and in insolvency (“distressed M&A”)
  • Insolvency administration and trusteeship
Creditor information

Under the following link, creditors can look for insolvency proceedings or file their claims for inclusion in the insolvency schedule:

Creditor information system

 Finn  Peters

Finn Peters
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Specialist Lawyer for Insolvency Law

Dr. Alexander  Fridgen

Dr. Alexander Fridgen
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Specialist Lawyer for Insolvency and Restructuring Law, Specialist Lawyer for Banking and Capital Markets Law

Dr. Adrian  Bölingen

Dr. Adrian Bölingen
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt)

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