Dr. Thomas Gemmeke
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt)
Head of Legal, Partner

PD Dr. Jens Thomas Füller
Senior Manager

Tailor-made solutions for all kinds of media usage

The protection of know-how, trademarks and copyrights in accordance with enforcement of fair and free competition are becoming inevitable for a company’s long-term economic success. Reliable PR, proper advertising measures and a legally unobjectionable media use have a measurable effect on any company’s economic success.

In the light of this development, Baker Tilly advises both international groups and small and medium-sized enterprises on all aspects of industrial property law, media law, intellectual property and information technologies. Our experts provide tailor-made and interdisciplinary solutions with a holistic approach. Our range of services includes:

Trademark and design law

  • Advice on the registration of design patents and trademarks (incl. domain names); representation before authorities (German Patent and Trademark Office, OHIM, WIPO, etc.)
  • Support and management of protective rights portfolios; brand management
    Commercialization of rights; development of license agreements (worldwide)

Competition Law

  • Review of advertising measures and messages; review of General Terms and Conditions; protection of trade and business secrets
  • Infringements by third parties
  • Protection against imitations

Border seizures

  • Combat of plagiarism and illegal parallel imports
  • Informing customs authorities on industrial property rights (applications for border seizure); training of customs officers on product characteristics;
  • Global support by involving our foreign partners (local combat); initiation of preventive measures and support in developing concepts to prevent future infringements by third-parties

Media, Copyrights and Information Technology

  • Media and entertainment (film, sports and music law, promotion and protection of personality, press and publishing law)
  • Transfer and acquisition of licenses and rights of use; commercialization of rights; development of license agreements (worldwide)
  • Research and development agreements (R&D)
  • Legal advice on all issues related to the internet and remote-purchase law as well as e-commerce
  • Support for and advice on IT projects
  • Games