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Baker Tilly Roelfs takes over Karl Berg GmbH

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Full takeover of business operations, including all personnel and subsidiaries, to be completed in the first quarter of 2014.

Düsseldorf, January 07, 2014. – Today consulting company Baker Tilly Roelfs announced the complete takeover of the Karl Berg GmbH auditing firm, headquartered in Düsseldorf and Leipzig, including the affiliated companies Bedenbecker & Berg GmbH in Essen and KSR GmbH in Ennepetal. The corresponding contract was recently signed in Düsseldorf. The takeover is to be completed during the first quarter of 2014. In 2012, Karl Berg GmbH posted sales revenues of approximately €6 million. In the 2012 business year, Baker Tilly Roelfs achieved total sales of €92.9 million.

As Ralf Gröning, spokesperson of the two-person Management Board of Baker Tilly Roelfs, explains: "For us, the takeover of Karl Berg GmbH by Baker Tilly Roelfs means the continuation of a story of corporate success based on steady growth. This acquisition also represents a major gain for the managing partners of Karl Berg and for all its employees. They will now be entering a much broader and more international environment. But most of all – and this is the crucial factor – our joint clients will soon be enjoying the benefits of this new setup. Our primary focus will be on constantly maintaining a balance between new beginning and innovation on the one hand and continuity and total dependability on the other. All Karl Berg clients will of course continue to be served by the consultants with whom they are familiar and with the same high quality of service to which they have become accustomed. At the same time, they will benefit from a much broader know-how base, from our interdisciplinary approach, in which auditors, lawyers, tax advisers and management consultants collaborate closely, and of course from our global Baker Tilly International network."

In order to ensure the smooth and speedy integration of Karl Berg GmbH, all personnel in Düsseldorf and Leipzig will be relocating to the premises of Baker Tilly Roelfs during the first quarter of 2014. According to Dr. Kai Alexander Behling, head of Karl Berg GmbH's Auditing Consultancy Division in Düsseldorf: "For us this step means a step into the future. Baker Tilly Roelfs will be providing us with an environment in which we as managing partners and also our staff can develop optimally. And for our clients it will mean the continuation of our successful collaboration – extending over several decades in some cases – as well as steady growth in terms of service quality and a more broadly based, international background."

About Karl Berg GmbH
The Karl Berg GmbH is an international, partner-managed auditing company. The main focus of the firm's activities is on auditing, structured tax consulting and transaction consulting. Karl Berg is one of the first auditing firms to be established in Germany, with a history going back almost some centuries. The company serves clients which differ widely in size, line of business and legal form. They range from small and midsize enterprises to major international corporations. One of its primary activities is providing comprehensive advice to family-run companies and to the people to whom they belong.