The German Central Tax Office (BZSt) announced Correction of CRS-System Error 


Recently, the German Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) released a newsletter, “Infobrief CRS 07/2019” regarding  the correction of an error in the CRS-System.

German BZSt informs that the error reported with BZSt newsletter “Infobrief CRS 06/2019” has been corrected. Transmissions with a date of receipt from of 22 July 2019 are not affected. 

Beginning of August all transmission affected by the system error which have been received by BZSt between May 29, 2019 and the date of debugging will be processed again ex officio. In this case the sender will receive a new notification.

If the new notification still contains the error code “CRS_E_MESS_049” senders should ensure that correct financial institution information will be transmitted.
Senders should note that the reprocessing can result in modified/new error messages. 

The “Infobrief CRS 07/2019” you will find here - only available in German.