Nina Senninger

Claim for payment in lieu of vacations for heirs?

Any leave not taken by an employee may be “paid out” only upon termination of but not during the ongoing employment relationship.

 Nina Senninger

Travel time equals working time?

The question whether travel time qualifies as working time which needs to be compensated is regularly discussed. This can be regulated in a collective…

 Gabriele Heise

How secret are your trade secrets?

The EU Directive on trade secrets’ protection against unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure, which has been in effect since June 2018, is supposed…

 Kerstin Weckert

Exclusion clauses without exclusion of minimum wage entitlement ineffective

Employment contracts regularly include exclusion clauses according to which mutual claims must be asserted within three months from their maturity.…

 Marco Stahn

German Federal Labor Court loosens the video surveillance of employees 

Video surveillance on the job is a much discussed topic. For quite some time now the main question in daily practice is as to how long employers are…