Valuation: What can we do for you?

Our valuation experts work together in individually composed interdisciplinary teams and are specialized in the following services:

  • Indicative valuations

Indicative valuations provide for an initial valuation of individual sections from the comprehensive evaluation process, for example within the scope of a fast and cost-effective value indication.

  • Expert opinions

A precise valuation of a company or of an individual asset class should always be the starting point for all entrepreneurial decisions. Our experienced valuation experts and interdisciplinary composed teams with comprehensive industry know-how provide reliable and informative valuations based on transparent and internationally recognized methods.

  • Purchase price allocation

The goal of a purchase price allocation (PPA) pursuant to IFRS 3 is to spread the purchase price for a share or a merger to all identifiable assets and debts at the time of purchase. We support you along the entire process chain and aim to analyze and interpret accounting-related challenges already at a very early stage.

  • Impairment testing

Assets with an indefinite useful life have to be tested for their intrinsic value on an annual basis. With regard to an indefinite useful life, such assets are subject to scheduled depreciations. Any triggering event requires an impairment test. Such calculation is based on the realizable value of the asset or the cash generating unit (CGU) which needs to be tested and which must be the higher of either the value in use or the fair value less costs to sell. We ensure both compliance with relevant IFRS standards and an optimized structuring of the relevant discretionary scopes.

  • Fairness opinions

In case of a transaction, the companies increasingly use fairness opinions as additional source of information. Our fairness opinion which has been prepared by our valuation experts will provide reliable support in the decision-making process.

  • Valuation, auditing and expert services with regard to statutory and contractual valuations

Besides of the initial evaluation, we have many years of experience as court-appointed experts and auditors within the scope of structural measures. Such experience together with our technical know-how forms the elementary basis for reliable reports.

  • Preparation of expert opinions in conflict situations

Due to our long-standing experience as court-approved experts on valuation issues, we are familiar with relevant case-law. Apart from the related know-how, our interdisciplinary teams of CPAs, tax advisors and lawyers ensure a fast and exact settlement. We will be happy to support you as experts during any conflict situation.

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