Accountants, lawyers, tax advisors and management consultants

Baker Tilly is one of the largest partner-managed consultancies in Germany and part of the global network Baker Tilly International. Our accountants, lawyers, tax advisors and management consultants provide a broad range of innovative and individual consultative services.

Baker Tilly develops solutions which are tailored to the precise needs of individual clients and proceeds to implement them to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. On the basis of an entrepreneurial consulting philosophy, the partners with responsibility for clients form interdisciplinary teams of specialists who meet the requirements of the particular project exactly.

In Germany, Baker Tilly has 1,030 employees on its payroll at eleven different locations. Global consulting is in the hands of more than 33,600 employees in 147 countries. These firms are all members of the worldwide Baker Tilly International network of independent accounting, auditing and consulting companies.

Our pledge of quality


What is actually the basis of quality? For Baker Tilly, quality is based on the close relationship between client and consultant. For us, quality means not to be big. Or small. For us, quality means being in line with the SME sector. With all its challenges. And that means coming up with the right solutions and to deliver what clients expect from us:


"I establish a trust relationship by working with my clients. And because of that trust, it is very important to the clients that I give them quite specific and personal recommendations for their course of action."
(Wolfgang Richter)

Our best discipline – interdisciplinarity


The world has become smaller. Life is faster. The economy more diversified. To play a significant role in the economy, more than  one viewpoint is needed.  This is why we look at complex challenges on an interdisciplinary basis. From every possible point of view.


"It is about seeing where the strength of the respective partner lies and how I can involve it. This is natural for me and it runs in my blood that the part which I can represent as an expert simply cannot be enough."
(Thomas Gemmeke)

International: Great Firms, Outstanding Network


For many of our clients, the global market is already their second home. For others it is an opportunity well within their reach. They all need a partner who proved itself worldwide as well as in Germany. Not only with a big number of offices, but primarily with personal relationships. We are your partner – globally networked and with a clear view of the principal market challenges.


"The personal networking in the international part of Baker Tilly is extremely important for us. I would not recommend anything without having met this international partner myself."
(Ralf Gröning)



Special knowledge is also necessary when advising SMEs. But not just. A deep understanding is especially needed. On equal terms. Of the needs of an entrepreneur. Of his way of thinking. Of his worries. Of the processes in his company. Thinking entrepreneurially means "accompanying" entrepreneurs. We are consultants who are entrepreneurs ourselves. We see the causes, the effects and the opportunities in the same way as our clients. In detail. And, if necessary, we think outside the box.


"I am a lawyer, but I am also an entrepreneur. I feel, think and act like an entrepreneur and, just as it is for many medium-sized entrepreneurs in Germany, part of my life is in Baker Tilly."
(Alexandra Sausmekat)